Senior Education Counsel, a nonprofit Since 1995, Arizona, California and North Carolina Mark Diamond, national senior advocate

The Senior Education Counsel (SEC) was originally established on February 24, 1995 as a “Senior Educational, Seminar, and Advocacy group.” After 21 years and over 3,000 educational workshops, SEC finally achieved the highest level of non-profit status that America allows, which is 501(c)(3). Through its independent affiliates, Senior Education Counsel has helped thousands of families achieve “financial peace of mind in retirement.” Since their directors are designated throughout the nation as “Certified Medicaid Planners (CMP),” they can also help in protecting one’s assets from nursing home expenses.

The Senior Educational Counsel workshops are purely educational. Through their independent association affiliates, they can provide services pertaining to Medicare and Medicaid planning, Long Term Care, Catastrophic Illness, and Nursing Home Care. It is important to know that the presenters do not represent themselves as lawyers or accountants. A team of well-versed professionals supports Senior Education Counsel in the areas of federal and state law pertaining to senior retirement issues.

For the past 20 years, Senior Educational Counsel has provided workshops coast-to-coast. Speakers for Senior Education Counsel have presented to non-profit and as well as for-profit organizations.

Representatives of Senior Education Counsel must hold the designation of Certified Medicaid Planning (CMP), and must be a member of the National Ethics Association (NEA).

There are no products discussed during Senior Education Counsel workshops.

Senior Education Counsel offices are based in Arizona, with affiliates in California, and Missouri.